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Pam Gunter - Volunteer of the Year! by Linda Brooks Jones

Pam Gunter, Wartburg resident, member of The Morgan County Tourism Alliance, Downtown Wartburg Revitalization and Tanner Store Restoration has been awarded Volunteer of the Year by The Middle East Tennessee Tourism Council (METTC). The award was presented at the annual Awards for Excellence at the May meeting in Morristown, Tennessee.

Julie Graham, Executive Director of The Middle East Tennessee Tourism Council made the announcement with the following narration.

Winner Pam Gunter- Morgan County

Nomination Narrative:

It is estimated the value of a volunteer is worth $27.20 an hour. For anyone that works with volunteers, that number does not adequately represent the “value” of volunteerism.

This year’s winner not only dedicates her time, but has often put her own money into the work.

Way back in 2015, a group of citizens got together to revision their community. The group was made up of business owners, local residents, newcomers, and preservations. They continued to meet to create events and develop tourism opportunities. From their collective efforts, an annual festival was launched and a town was about to slowly be revitalized. This person has worked tirelessly on behalf of the Wartburg Community. She has been a driver in not only preserving a historic building, but in renovating the building right down to rolling her sleeves up to clean and paint. This has been a grassroots effort of many volunteers, but this person has consistently been at the table moving the vision forward.

This year’s winner is a retired Oak Ridge Gaseous Diffusion Plant information system specialist who now beams her energies into promotional efforts for the Morgan County Tourism Alliance. Congratulations to Pam Gunter.

We, of the Morgan County Tourism Alliance congratulate Pam on this award and thank her for the continuous hard work she does to make the Tourism projects successful. She is an example of the members we have in our organization who are dedicated to serving the people of our county through tourism development.

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