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A Huge Thank You - Mark Keck

Updated: Jun 14, 2021

The Tennessee Mountain Laurel Festival gives a huge Thank You to the Wartburg Central High School Football Team Wow!!

What a great group of young men. The Tennessee Mountain Laurel Festival was needing some help and this great group of young men took the field and never looked back. They were asked to take care of the trash, bathrooms and help the musicians with their instruments from their cars to the stage and back again when they finished playing. These young men stayed engaged the whole day. They took charge of themselves and never once did some have to ask where they were. In fact, they came up to the staff and asked if there was anything else they can do.

Festivals are mentally graded on several aspects such as cleanliness of the grounds, trash cans not overflowing, bathroom areas neat and tidy, the flow of the organization and the ease of handling issues as they come up. These fellows scored touchdowns after touchdowns with their areas of responsibility. For certain their coaches are extremely proud of the way they conducted themselves in a professional and courteous manner and as a team. We at MCTA are truly thankful and grateful for there work and support. Looking forward to doing this again next year. “Job Well Done!”

Caught in action performing a great job for the festival!!!

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