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The 2023 Tennessee Mountain Laurel Photo Contest

Here's your chance to put your photo skills to work!

2023 photo contest facebook post.png

We want this contest to be easy and fun for everyone, so get ready to explore Morgan County with your cameras !!!

PHOTOS must be taken in Morgan County within the past 2 years and have never been entered in this contest.

EACH photo must be saved with the name of the photographer, date and place the photo was taken and submitted by owner of photo.

IMAGES: color, jpg or png file format, minimum of 1600 pixels on the longest side. Maximum of 20 MG file size.

TWO PHOTOS allowed per Category


1.  Mountain Laurel flower must be in the photo.

2. Landscape photo in Morgan County

Winners will receive their a $50 gift certificate and a surprise!


WINNER will be recognized on the TNMLF Website, MCTA Website and Facebook/Instagram pages, The Shoutout Newsletter  and the local newspapers.


Please submit photos by
JUNE 15, 2023 midnight to:


By entering contest, photographer gives his/her permission for MCTA and TNMLF to use photos in future events or social media

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