Secret City Squares

Coming to the Festival

Square dancing is the State Dance of Tennessee, as well as of a number of other states.  It is also the National Folk Dance of America.

Square dancing is the ideal family recreation.  It is inexpensive -- far less than an evening at the movies, for example.  It is family-oriented – we have dancers from around 8 years old up to over 80 years old – and there is no drinking, profanity or other unacceptable behavior permitted.  Square dancing provides a wide range of benefits – mental, emotional and physical.

Secret City Squares was organized in Oak Ridge almost 5 years ago and is the only club in the city.  We dance every 3rd Saturday night of the month, from 7:30 pm until 10:00 pm at the Christ Community Church at 100 Ogden Circle.  We offer square dancing as well as lines.

Jack Rosenberger is the caller for Secret City Squares, with over 35 years’ experience calling and teaching.  Jack began calling in Florida in 1978.  In 1980 he started his own club, the J.R. Squares, a fully energetic teenage club.  Not too long after the J.R. Squares, Jack and his wife Gwyn moved back to his hometown of Pittsburgh, PA where he called for 4 more clubs.  In 1987, they returned to Oak Ridge, TN where he called for clubs including the Mountain Shufflers, the Rainbow Squares & Rounds, the Ramblin’ Rebels, and was on staff at KSDA.  Jack has also called for 3 National Conventions and numerous State Conventions.

Due to the pressures of work, Jack took several years off from calling but then that little ole “CALLING BUG” bit once again.  So, along with his wife, his daughter & son-in-law Dusty & Jim Disney and granddaughter Elizabeth he formed the Secret City Squares, one of the newest clubs to join the area. They are having fun dancing, fellowshipping, renewing old friendships, and making many new ones as well. Jack and Gwyn hope that you find the time to come dance with the Secret City Squares, they can’t wait to see you across the square in the very near future.