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TMNLF Hiking Marathon

Postponing the TNMLF Hiking Marathon

Dear Hike MoCo Family:

It is with extremely heavy hearts and a few tears that we’ve decided to postpone the TN Mountain Laurel Hiking Marathon. Everyone’s safety is a priority and, with the open trails getting more crowded as other trails close, it’s become increasingly difficult to maintain social distancing, increasing the risk of being exposed to Covid-19.

Our tentative plan is to postpone the completion of the marathon until fall. Providing our world is a little more normal by then, we’ll celebrate the marathon completion at OctoberFest (planning in progress).

For those who have already registered and paid your registration fee, you have the opportunity now to opt-out of the marathon and your registration fee will be refunded. If you choose to continue the marathon, you may hike as you safely can, continue logging miles, and turn in your completed miles in October. If you are hiking in groups, please remember to keep your groups small and follow CDC guidelines.

Please let us know via email which option you prefer.



We look forward to hiking with you soon but, for now, we need to stay on the farm.

Air hugs,

Cathy & Erin

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