Guided Mt. Laurel Walks

Doc Howard Road Trail

9:00 AM

Easy/Moderate  1/2-3/4 mi 1 hour round trip

Doc Howard Road trail is a short trail on property owned by Tennessee Citizens for Wilderness Planning which allows you to see and experience of the beauty of the Mountain Laurel starting just a short distance from the parking area.  The Mountain Laurel surround the trail the entire length.  The walk also features short paths to the bluff’s edge with amazing views of the Clear Creek and the bluff walls on the other side of the creekMeet at the Festival Information Center @ 8:30 and drive to the trail head.

May 19, 2018  - Day of Festival!!!

Cumberland Trail State Park & CHS Loop Trail

Saturday 8:00 AM

Moderate/Difficult—3.2 mi

Recently  completed moderately steep trail behind Morgan County Visitor Center with spur trail to CHS loop trail and back to Visitor Center.  Meet at Morgan County Visitor Center at 8 am and go for a guided walk before it gets too warm and see the Mountain Laurel.  You’ll finish in time to get back to the festival as it begins.

















Obed Wild and Scenic River  Point Trail

Saturday.  10:00 AM

Moderate  1.9 miles .   2 hours round trip. 

This trail culminates on the narrow, exposed ridge that separates the Obed River from Clear Creek before the two flow together. Meet at the Obed Lilly Bluff Overlook Parking lot. 

Judge Branch Trail in Frozen Head State Park

Saturday, 10:30 AM

Meet at the first Shelter past the Visitor Center

Guides: Leroy and Wanda Turner

Family Friendly: Wide, safe, and well-maintained trail. Easy to follow blazes.

Dogs: Leashed


This trail is a nice, well-marked trail with plenty of wildflowers in the spring. The creek/river runs alongside most of the trail, which makes for pleasant ambiance along the way. On the way out, visitors will enjoy a steady climb, Flora & Fauna

There are too many to list but here are the May - June Wildflowers:

Black Snakeroot, Blue Eyed Grass, Bowman’s Root, Canada Lily, Carrion Flower, Cross-Vine, Daisies, Fleabane, Dutchman’s Pipe-vine, Galax – Galax aphylla, Ginseng, Greenbrier, Hawkweed, Heat’s-a-Bustin, Hispid Buttercup, Indian Cucumber, Indian Pipe, Lion’s Feet, Lyre-leaved Sage, Miterwort, Patridgeberry, Pipsissewa, Pussy-Toes, Queen Anne’s Lace, Ramps (wild onions), Robin Plantain, Showy Orchis, Southern Harebel,

Trail Boardwalk
Mountain Laurel